"As the leader of The Strategic Change Partnership, I believe all organizations can become more effective, teams can become stronger, and customer satisfaction can be improved.  I invite you to learn more about how The Strategic Change Partnership can help your organization!" Tom Swedberg, President

Every organization, no matter how effective it has been in the past, has the potential to become more effective through Strategic Change.  This is especially critical in times of uncertainty.

Better Results Through Strategic Change

The Strategic Change Partnership


Please contact Tom at 858-344-5399 or via e-mail: tom@a2bconsultant.com for more information or to schedule an on-site meeting to learn more about how we can help your organization meet today's critical business issues and better prepare for tomorrow's many challenges.

What is Strategic Change? 

As consultants, we help the organization achieve Strategic Change by working directly with leadership (CEO and/or leadership team) to help them become more effective leaders and communicators.  We also help leadership and staff clarify and achieve greater commitment to the organization's vision, mission and values.  Finally, we work with HR to ensure that policies, procedures, and programs that support the vision, mission and values exist or are developed and fully deployed.

The Strategic Change Partnership's  associates employ a winning combination of creative leadership and functional support to help our clients. 

By engaging The Strategic Change Partnership, you'll add highly effective support to your team. In addition, we have years of solid leadership and coaching experience. We have assisted top level executives, managers and supervisors by providing group and one-on-one coaching, plus individual and team leadership development and performance improvement program.

What is Strategic Change? Through years of experience, we've found that nearly every organization's potential can be more fully realized when three crucial factors are addressed:
- Improving leadership and communication skills of executives, managers, and supervisors;
- Maximizing the value of strong employer-employee relations, resulting in improved employee performance; and
- Increasing employee commitment to the organization's vision, mission and values, which translates directly into greater customer/client satisfaction.